Sea Homes

How we work

Step 1: Schedule a Zoom Meeting

Get in touch and we’ll schedule a Zoom meeting and go through a comprehensive buyer questionnaire, while also explaining the practices/customs of the Israeli real estate market.

Step 2: Retain Sea Homes Israel as your Agent

We will send you a buyer agency agreement so that you can retain Sea Homes Israel as your real estate agent. With a network of licensed Israeli real estate agents in all the major Israeli cities, we’ll connect you with an agent that knows your market and he/she will send you a variety of new construction projects and help you narrow down the various projects to suit your budget, needs, wants and timeframe. 

Need financing? We’ll put you in touch with a mortgage broker, if you’d like to explore Israeli mortgage financing for your new construction purchase.

The projects on our website are just a partial inventory of the extensive  range of new construction projects available and we will leave no stone unturned in finding you the right property in Israel.

Step 3: Organize Video Tours or In Person Visits to Select Projects

Outside Israel: we’ll organize video tours of the project location and model apartment.

Planning a trip to Israel: we’ll set up visits to your top projects, helping you find your dream property, even if you only have a week or two.

Keep in mind that visiting the sites of projects often means getting to know the area, as the physical building may be under construction. There may not always be a model apartment available to visit. We’ll make sure you get to know the area, the proximity to amenities, schools, synagogues, healthcare and public transportation.

Step 4: Choose a New Construction Project – Moving Forward

  • Obtain Legal Advice and Representation to finalize the agreement
  • Have architect or engineer review the specs – make any adjustments to the specficiations

Step 5: Sign the Agreement to Buy your New Construction Home


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