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Israeli Legal Services

At Sea Homes Israel, we believe in making Israeli legalese accessible for you in English.

Buying a new construction property in Israel is complex and has many legal steps. You will need an Israeli lawyer from the outset and the most important tip we can provide is NOT to sign anything until your Israeli attorney has negotiated and reviewed the new construction agreement.

These agreements can be well over fifty pages of legalese and include provisions relating to guarantees for your payments as the construction moves forward, possession date, late possession details, technical specifications, layout of the apartment, location/type of parking spaces, location and size of storage units and so much more.

Other key legal issues affecting your new construction purchase include:

  • Israeli purchase tax/new immigrant purchase tax discounts
  • obtaining refunds on purchase tax if apartment purchased prior to making Aliyah
  • verifying the title of the land
  • ensuring lawful guarantees for payments pending possession of completed new construction

The attorneys in our network speak perfect English and Hebrew, and are knowledgeable and responsive and will provide clients outside of Israel with Israeli legal services via Zoom, phone and email, ensuring that you can buy your Israeli new construction home remotely.